Our presentation at V-COP8: VEGAN Convergence of the Peoples (29 Jan 2022)

A PR agency for vegan initiatives and The Power of Good

Mindful leadership and positive change are two things we focus on in The Art of Compassion.
Today a new type of leadership is required that focuses on long-term and ethical solutions. We believe compassion is the key for a sustainable society. It is time to include animals in our compassion. And the time is now.
The Art of Compassion works with different areas of society and wants to be a bit of a compassionate wake-up call. We have no time to shut the world out. We are all obligated to support with our skills for the common good. Human rights, equality, justice, peace related issues, climate, downshifting, veganism and animal rights are all included in our aims. And we believe a lot of the change has to come from the grassroots. How a critical mass needs to stand up for their truth. We invite companies and organizations to be inspired for this huge work that needs to be done. Below is information on how we support animal rights and veganism to be on the CSR-agenda. But we also want to reach people in their daily life with our podcast, articles and lectures.
Together, change is possible!

Our team

Ilse Supply
Anne Casparsson

Anne Casparsson: Anne has been working with human rights, peace and non-violence in different capacities. For faith-based organizations, for peace movements, for NGOs and as a freelance journalist. Animal Agriculture is one of her focus areas today. It is the most unjust system on earth, and still such a blind spot for many of us, even if it is interlinked with so many of our problems we are facing on earth today. But as long as we close our eyes to reality, we will not find sustainable solutions, justice or peace. Veganism and animal rights has become a question of good leadership because in its very essence we have all the keys for changing the world. As an ethicist, writer and journalist she wants to reach and inspire positive change for both humans and animals. She is the co-founder of The Art of Compassion.

Ilse Supply: Ilse has an artistic background as well as a background in IT. She runs the podcast called The Link. She wants people from all around the world, be able to share their stories and lives in a compassionate and inspiring way and in the podcast create a space of trust, love and compassion. She wants to let stories become bridges between people, for the common good, as well as showing how a small act of kindness can change so much and reach other people’s hearts. How we all are interlinked and are able to change the world we live in. To give hope and share ideas.. Ilse Supply is the co-founder of The Art of Compassion.